Industrial flooring and underlayment

Industrial flooring

Industrial floors made e.g. in Bautech or Sika technology are surfacing of about the best currently available on the market technical parameters. Their additional advantages are aesthetic qualities and high mechanical resistance. This type of flooring thanks to its wide application can be used in objects such as production halls, warehouses, workshops, garages, shops and other commercial facilities, services, utilities, offices, etc. Their versatility is confirmed by numerous certifications for use in the food industry, pharmaceutical, as well as in hazardous areas.

Proven over 20-year-old, life span and functionality of industrial floors - even without the need for complex maintenance - makes them a solution with the highest degree of efficiency. Specialization, innovation and originality of solutions enable precise adaptation to the requirements of the investor.

Work on industrial floors consist among other things on distribution of high-strength concrete (min. B25) steel fibre, or PP, vibrating and rubbing distributed sprinkles, which is available in several colours. Executed in this way flooring surely satisfy even the most stringent customer requirements.

Within one month we can produce approx. 10 000 m2 of floorings.

Concrete floors – concrete screed

Totalbud offers you the highest quality concrete floors, cement screeds with Mixokret. This still relatively new innovative on our market devices allow to make floorings, even in hard to reach places and far away from the place of storage of materials (up to 280 lm).

Works carried out by our company rely on the careful arrangement of layers of thermal insulation, sound insulation and vapour barrier, and then the screed. These activities are carried out on the basis of the latest technology, which ensures high accuracy, and as a result even surface. This allows execution of levelling layers or levelling becomes unnecessary procedure, therefore, decreasing the cost of the construction process. So made substrate is intended for subsequent laying of parquet, carpet or tile.

Our current technical and organizational capabilities allow us to execute 20 000 m2 screeds a month.

Fast floors

Modern fast floor with high performance reaching up to 30 MPa allows lying the parquet, carpet or the resin even after four days of execution. Our company had the opportunity to use this type of solution on a large scale. Just to mention large commercial projects, such as, Arkadia shopping mall or Manufaktura shopping centre.

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We offer our customers:

  • concrete / industrial floors
  • cement screeds / fast floors