Reinforced concrete structures

We offer a complete implementation of reinforced concrete structures, of residential, office, commercial and industrial objects. We cooperate with many reputable suppliers of formwork, steel and concrete. Using products of excellent quality we guarantee the performance of construction work at the highest level.

Characteristics of construction works

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a building industry without buildings of reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete structures consist of bars of structural steel and concrete. 

These materials work together through adhesion and a similar thermal expansion. Concrete absorbs compressive stresses while the steel mainly tensile stresses. Reinforced concrete structures have many advantages, which certainly include fire resistance, great opportunities in the development of structural elements, as well as resistance to heavy loads.

Activities in implementation of reinforced concrete structures include:

  • setting the formwork
  • preparation and installation of reinforcement
  • location and density of concrete
  • concrete maintenance
  • removing formwork after obtaining the specific strength of concrete